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Focus on Market Fit
 while we take care of your Product

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Full-Cycle Product Development

IT Resistance's team drives growth value delivery to end-users via a product mindset and transparent approach.

Transparency in Action



We are Resistant to today’s standards of IT services companies. 

Our commitment to transparency results in impressive cost savings of up to 40% compared to other companies. We bring to the table:

1.  Detailed upfront breakdowns, no hidden charges.
Full transparency on team member remunerations.

2.  Access to all systems and sources belongs to customers from the start.

3.  Levels of engineers are open and can be checked with independent review.

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Claim Technology

Platform of digital 1-Click Insurtech for the needs of insurance and finance companies globally.



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Staffing & Recruiting

Our extensive network and industry knowledge ensure we connect you with top-tier tech talent, tailored to your specific needs. The 1-year fee refund policy guarantees that you will pay for the top market specialist.

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Staff Augmentation

The concept is the same as hiring a guitarist for your band. You fill specific roles in your team, for as long or short as you need. Fresh ideas, new perspectives, plus, it’s cost-smart.

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Product Development


Tailor your own digital outfit with us. Create unique software that fits your specific needs, just like a custom-tailored suit. It's all about making your digital dreams come true.

Product Mindset

jobs to be done
  • We create software that's cool, useful and flexes with the latest trends. It's got to match well with what the biz is all about.

  • We're not just about ticking off tasks – we're in deep. Your clients are our squad, too. It's all about that connection.

  • We focus on Net Promoter Score(NPS) and Unit Economy.


Technology Agnostic

You might often come across terms like Frontend, Backend, Business Analysis, UX/UI, and QA, but the story doesn't end there. We'll demonstrate that our expertise extends beyond these areas.

List Cyrcle Of Technologies

Have this in mind when comparing us

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  • Penetration testing

  • Strict permissions policy

  • Encrypted data storages

  • Use-only secure credentials storage

  • Check each library for security leaks

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  • Test Coverage > 95%

  • Sonar Cube - for well-known code 
and security issues

  • Danger - to check custom rules 
specific to the project

  • PRs reviews

  • Code owners' management between devs

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  • Focus on main functionality
via RICE
    prioritization framework

  • AI tools(Copilot, chatGPT) for development

  • CI/CD for free from the first day

  • Scalable infrastructure

Extra Advantages

  • 1. Time to Production less than one hour
    CI/CD takes less than 15 minutes PRs review less than 30 minutes via auto-assigned Codeowners technic For each feature, a dedicated instance for testing(which speeds up testing by 50-60%)
  • 2. Onboarding less than a week for new devs
    Full technology stack setup should take equal to or less than 2 hours (use Docker, Ansible for that) Up-to-date onboarding documentation. Every new dev is encouraged to check it and update if there is some outdated info Up-to-date knowledge base
  • 3. 99.999% availability
    Zero downtime deployment via Canary or Blue-Green deployment Scalable infrastructure via cloud providers such as AWS, GCP ELK stack for observability PagerDuty Blameless postmortem process
  • 4. Technology/Architecture strategy at least for one year
    Free audit of project architecture and technologies strategy by our co-founders
  • 5. Tech debt management
    Separate backlog for tracking tech debt Prioritise tech debt according to impact on time of development


Viacheslav Mirsoshnichenko photo

Viacheslav Miroshnychenko

Seasoned Engineering Manager with extensive experience in leading teams and developing large-scale products, with a proven track record of increasing income by $2-4 million through system integrations at Zendesk.

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Volodymyr Tsiluiko

Team Leader with a strong track record in leading cross-functional teams, achieving 40% reduction in infrastructure costs, 60% faster project development via implementing LowCode solution. Successful revenue-generating collaborations with the biggest UK insurance companies at ClaimTechnology.

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