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Location: Netherland

Type of Cooperation:

Consulting, Dedicated Team

Industry: Fitness

Duration of Partnership: May 2022 - Aug 2023


Our collaboration with AllBlazing was driven by the need to strengthen and expand the AllBlazing platform, which had already been developed but required improvements, especially from a design and performance perspective. 


Languages & Frameworks



aws lambda
react native
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cloud watch

Roles That We Cover

We took on the challenge by playing a pivotal role in enhancing the IT infrastructure. Our team executed both mobile and back-end web development for all platform components. 



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allblazing run
allblazing run

Initially, the customer has already performed the development of MVP. The client also had a ready-made design for new advanced functionality for their software solution. Thus, at the time of contacting us, the main request was to rewrite the mobile interface and add new features.

Therefore, we put together a team with great experience and set up a development process using best agile practices. As a result, we delivered a user-friendly mobile app that you can check out on App Store and Google Play.

Mark CEO

Mark Trewren

CEO at AllBlazing

IT Resistance played a pivotal role in augmenting our mobile application by taking on the development of specific components. Their expertise extended to areas where we identified the need for improvement, and their contributions were instrumental in addressing these challenges. While they didn't undertake full-scale development, their insights and technical prowess were pivotal in shaping the future of our mobile application.

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