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LinkedIn's Experience in API Versioning: Key Insights

LinkedIn's approach to API versioning is grounded in five essential principles:

  1. Scheduled, Gradual Releases for Faster Product Deployment: LinkedIn emphasizes the importance of well-planned, gradual releases to expedite product launches.

  2. Business-Focused Architectural Choices: Architectural decisions at LinkedIn are driven by a strong alignment with specific business features and objectives.

  3. An 'API-First' Approach: LinkedIn prioritizes the development of robust and scalable APIs, adhering to an 'API-first' mindset.

  4. Legacy API Preservation: A core tenet of LinkedIn's strategy is the preservation of existing legacy APIs, ensuring backward compatibility and seamless transitions.

  5. Clear Distinction between External and Internal APIs: LinkedIn maintains a clear separation between external and internal APIs, enhancing security and functionality.

LinkedIn's journey in API versioning began with a systematic approach. This evolution led to the implementation of an API gateway and the Marketing Developer Platform. The platform plays a crucial role in schema discovery and backend invocation, facilitating efficient version management. These principles and strategies exemplify the depth of expertise in software architecture, enabling streamlined, scalable, and innovative solutions for businesses.



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