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Navigating Microservices: Common Pitfalls, Alternative Perspectives, and Security Insights

🔍 We've curated three must-read articles on microservices, and to make it even more convenient for you, we've provided concise summaries for each!

Here are seven challenges often encountered in (micro)service architecture:

  1. CV-Driven Development: Selecting technologies based on personal preferences rather than addressing specific problems or tasks.

  2. Microservices for the Sake of Microservices: Implementing microservices without aligning them with high-level business goals, sometimes overlooking alternative solutions.

  3. Distributed ≠ Decoupled: Emphasizing the importance of business logic separation over technical implementation, highlighting the distinction between distributed systems and true decoupling.

  4. Lack of Interface Control: Instances where different parts of the system lack standardized interfaces, leading to potential issues such as the Mars Climate Orbiter incident caused by using different units of measurement.

  5. Absence of Contract Testing: Failing to conduct contract tests to verify communication between services, which is crucial for ensuring seamless interactions.

  6. Backend Focus vs. Frontend-Backend Collaboration: Overemphasizing backend development at the expense of neglecting the design and communication between the frontend and backend.

  7. Reliance on Manual Testing: Relying solely on manual testing, can hinder the smooth deployment of systems into production.

These challenges highlight the importance of a well-thought-out software architecture that not only considers technical aspects but also aligns with broader business objectives.

This article discusses the overvaluation of microservices, taking a different stance on the issue. While the text may seem to swing to the other extreme, the main takeaway is that the ability to decompose and work with the resulting modules is more crucial than the presence of services.

I appreciate how the author questions the benefits of microservices, demonstrating that the reasons outlined in one article can be applied to alternative approaches. However, the article falls short in providing guidance on discovering and isolating modules effectively.

The article explores security considerations in distributed systems, with a focus on what can reside in an API gateway beyond authentication and authorization. It outlines a list of 10 potential challenges in distributed systems, with highlights on Communication security, data security, and continuous security testing.

While the article provides a surface-level overview, it serves as a valuable resource for identifying areas of unfamiliarity and offers a starting point for further exploration. Additionally, the article concludes with a list of supplementary materials for a deeper dive into the subject.



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