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Enjoy the easiest and most accurate verification of emails and improve the delivery rate of email campaigns!

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Location: Spain



Email verification

Type of Cooperation: 

Consulting, Dedicated Team

Duration of Partnership: May 2022 - Aug 2023



Email validation is a tricky thing. There are a number of different ways to validate an email address and all mechanisms must conform with the best practices and provide proper validation.
Vladislav Trotsenko has developed library which solve this issue in smart way with using use MX and PTR record. Then he decided to base his own business on it. He needed to build standalone service which other companies can use for their Marketing campains.


Languages & Frameworks

go lang
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We have helped with design and developing new service with using Go and Docker, and other languages to build API for his services, for example for Java API. In general the main idea is based on separate server which should corespond to the next requirements:

  • Lightweight

  • Platform agnostic

  • Fast integrated

As a solution we decided to develop Dockerized Ruby Rack application.


Email validation under the hood for curious 🤔

true email logic
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Vladislav Trotsenko

Author of Truemail

IT Resistance team expertise in software development was evident from the start. You understood my requirements perfectly and brought innovative solutions to the table that significantly enhanced the final product. The professionalism, prompt communication, and technical skills displayed by your team were outstanding.I am extremely satisfied with the final product and the level of service provided. I look forward to future collaborations and will not hesitate to recommend IT Resistance to others seeking top-notch software development services.


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