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On-demand courier service that primarily focuses on delivering a variety of goods to customers' doorsteps.


Location: Canada

Type of Cooperation: Dedicated Team



Industry: On-Demand Delivering

Duration of Partnership: Aug 2023 - On Going



Develop an Advanced Restaurant Ordering Application
This application will facilitate customers in placing their orders efficiently, thereby enhancing the dining experience and reducing wait times.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop a user-friendly mobile application compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

  • Ensure the application's availability on the App Store and Google Play for user accessibility.

  • Implement an intuitive interface for easy and efficient order placement by restaurant patrons.


  • Main Application Development: Crafting the core application with a focus on user experience, performance, and scalability. The main application should seamlessly integrate customer ordering capabilities with real-time restaurant operations.

  • Integration with Restaurant Systems: Ensuring smooth integration of the application with existing restaurant order management systems for real-time synchronization and accuracy.

  • Admin Panel Development: Building a comprehensive admin panel for restaurants to effectively manage orders, update menus, and interact with customers.

  • Mobile Application for Restaurant Staff: Creating a dedicated mobile application for restaurant staff, aimed at optimizing order processing, managing table reservations, and improving kitchen operations.




Languages & Frameworks
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At IT Resistance, we are diligently developing ordering application that promises to redefine the dining experience. Our approach is strategically crafted, addressing the challenges with innovative solutions and leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

Main Application Development:
Current Progress: A significant portion of the main application has been developed, focusing on delivering an exceptional user experience. We are utilizing Kotlin and Swift for mobile development to ensure a seamless and responsive interface on both Android and iOS platforms.
Next Steps: We are enhancing the application's functionality, integrating sophisticated features for smooth customer interactions and real-time updates with restaurant systems.

Integration with Restaurant Systems:
Current Progress: Our integration efforts with existing restaurant management systems are progressing well, employing Java and Kotlin for robust backend development. This integration facilitates real-time synchronization and order accuracy, essential for efficient restaurant operations.
Next Steps: We are refining this integration to ensure even more reliable and seamless communication between the app and restaurant systems.

Admin Panel Development:
Current Progress: The development of an intuitive admin panel is underway, utilizing Java and Kotlin for the backend to empower restaurants with the ability to manage orders, update menus, and engage with customers effectively.
Next Steps: We are focused on enhancing the admin panel's user experience and functionality, making it more intuitive and straightforward for restaurant managers and staff.

Mobile Application for Restaurant Staff:
Current Progress: The development of a mobile application specifically for restaurant staff has begun. This application, built using Kotlin and Swift, is designed to streamline order processing, manage table reservations, and optimize kitchen operations.
Next Steps: Our team is committed to incorporating additional features and tools to further improve restaurant operations and the overall dining experience.

Our Commitment to Technology and Excellence:
IT Resistance is not just creating an application; we are engineering a comprehensive solution that seamlessly blends technology with the hospitality sector. By utilizing Kotlin, Java, and Swift, we ensure a high-quality, robust, and user-friendly product. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to innovate and transform the restaurant industry through digital solutions.


Artem Zozulia

CEO at Vimi

Our journey with IT Resistance in developing a comprehensive restaurant ordering application has been nothing short of exceptional. From the initial concept to the ongoing development, their team has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our vision and the technical prowess to bring it to life.

What truly sets IT Resistance apart is their commitment to understanding our needs and their ability to translate that into a functional and effective product. Their proactive approach to solving challenges and their dedication to quality have significantly contributed to the success of this project.

As our project continues to evolve, we are confident that our partnership with IT Resistance will yield even more groundbreaking results.

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